• PCI Based Frame Grabber
  • Accu-Sort and EG&G Reticon Compatible
  • RS422 or RS644 compatible camera interface
  • Non-multiplexed mode support only (2 x 8 bit data)
  • Up to 40 MHZ Clock (supplied by camera)
  • (2) 8MB image buffers - Allows simultaneous transfer of data from camera to one buffer and from the other buffer to PCI bus
  • Onboard support for PCI DMA chaining (scatter/gather)
  • Provides only one interrupt at end of transfer
  • Status LEDs - card status, buffer A/B (empty, filling, filled, emptying)
  • PCI DMA capable of transferring data in reverse line order
  • IMVAL and DVAL settable polarities
  • Able to capture variable number of lines or entire valid image (IMVAL)
  • Microsoft Windows NT Driver with "C" callable API Future Enhancements
  • Ability to strip lower order camera data bits and pack into bytes
  • PCI loadable camera data lookup table can be used for inverting, thresholding, and correction.
  • 8 User programmable parallel I/O signals

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